where I can view the site's terms of use

  • You can view the site's terms of use here

How do I order a product online?

  • You can find instructions for online shopping “ovde.”
    If you still need assistance when ordering online, you can contact us on chat, with you can start a conversation by clicking on the chat bubble on the on the right side of website.

Do I need to have a user account to make a purchase?


  • If you want to place an order, you need to create a user account.


Why the prices are not the same online and in stores

  • The prices on the website are exclusively for online ordering, and therefore the prices on the website may be different from the prices in retail stores. Prices in retail stores can also be higher when delayed payment is involved.

How can I check if the product is available in the store?

  • By calling the number 012 327 245″ you can check the availability of the desired product or in the nearest store.

Loyalty program?

  • We currently do not have a loyalty system, but you can sign up for our newsletter at naslovnoj strani” and keep up to date with our promotions and receive special offers via email.

Where can I check product technical data/specification?

  • The technical characteristics and specifications of the product can be found below the product image. If you want additional clarifications, feel free to contact us “shop@zoka.co.rs”

How do I change the data I entered in the order after it has been ordered?

What is required if I want my order to be delivered to an address different from the one I specified in the user account?


  • Nakon što ste dodali i potvrdili proizvode u korpi, imacete opciju sa desne strane “ISPORUKA NA DRUGU ADRESU?” da unesete drugu adresu za isporuku Vaše porudžbine.


I want to make someone happy and send a gift to their home address, is it possible and how?


  • Yes it's possible. When ordering, in the "Note" field, write the address to which you want to send the gift. Please note that delivery costs are not always included in the price. When processing your order, our call center will contact you regarding the amount of delivery costs. After registering the payment, we send the product to the desired address.


I would like to buy a product that is out of stock. What should I do?

  • For more information on the availability of the product and the possibility of ordering it, please contact our call center at 012/327-245 or by email: “shop@zoka.co.rs”